Design tools

Every website needs its own particular style and branding. Achieving the best look and feel for your business can be as simple as a few images and tweaks, but you still need the proper tools to pull it all together. Quality branding is easy to accomplish with the correct tool sets. Finding the right tools for you and your operating system can be a time intensive endeavor, so we’ve compiled a simple list of some of the most effective and cost efficient tools for any project. Notable mentions for some of the most popular and widely used web design tools available. These tools make building, and customization quick and easy.

1. Fireworks: Graphics optimization tools.

2. Dreamweaver: multi-screen authoring software.

3. Panic Coda: Single window web development.

4. Adobe Photoshop: Digital image manipulation software.

5. Firebug: Edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.


Here is a brief list of other very popular and noteworthy design tools:

Adobe Flash: Animation and multimedia creation tool.

Web Developer: (Firefox extension)

Aptana: For application development.

• paper and pen/pencil (for paper prototyping/sketching).

CSSEdit: Style sheet editor. (Mac only).

Notepad++:Free source code editor.

GIMP: Free for both Mac and Windows